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 General Info

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a democratic, secular republic based on the principles of social justice and the rule of law. The Constitution provides for a semi-presidential system with a president as head of state, and a council of ministers composed of a prime minister and 10 ministers. Legislative power is vested in the Legislative Assembly, composed of 50 deputies elected by universal suffrage for a period of five years. Judicial power is exercised through independent courts.

 The President

The President is elected for a period of five years. He has to be of Cypriot parentage. There is also a five-year residence qualification. He has to be over thirty years of age. He must also be a graduate of an institution of higher education. In case of vacancy in the office of President, or in case of his temporary absence, the Speaker of the Republican Assembly deputizes for him. H.E. Rauf R. Denktas became the first President of the TRNC on 15 November 1983. He was later re-elected in June 1985, April 1990 and April 1995.

Council of Ministers
Council of Ministers appointed by president on the advice of the prime minister. The present government is a coalition consisting of the Democrat Party and the CTP.

Car Driving in Northern Cyprus

Driving in Northern Cyprus is the most advisable form of transport as there are infrequent bus services to many of the more remote areas of the country; and bus services cease to operate after 5:00 p.m. Road surfaces between major towns and villages are reasonably good, but some mountain and village roads are still unsurfaced, so care should be taken especially in wet weather. Visitors wishing to bring their own car from abroad may do so for a period of up to 3 months provided the vehicle has a valid registration license from its country of origin. Visitors in Cyprus can drive using a valid international driving license or a valid driving license from their country of origin. Visitors bringing their own cars from abroad will need to purchase insurance upon entry to Northern Cyprus. Most petrol stations are open from 7:00 a.m. and close around 8:00 a.m. Some however, stay open later and there is an increasing number of stations which operate 24 hours a day. Free municipal parking is available in all major towns.

Climate, Temperature, Wheater & Clothing
Cyprus enjoys an intense Mediterranean climate, with long dry summers from mid-May to mid-October and with mild winters from December to February, which are separated by short autumn and spring seasons. Summer is the season of high temperatures with cloudless skies, but the sea breezes create a pleasant atmosphere in the coastal areas. Winters are mild with some rain, but even in January(usually the coolest month) there are generally six hours of bright sunshine during the day. During the summer months very light clothing is all that you will need. In spring and autumn daytime temperatures are generally warm enough for light summer clothing, but in the evenings, one might feel the need for a light jacket or pullover. In winter, you should be prepared for all kinds of weather that a European spring may bring. It is advisable to pack a light jacket and pullovers, although you may not need them during the day.

 Duty-free Regulations
Each adult is permitted to bring 400 cigarettes, 500gr tobacco or 50 cigars, 1 litre of wine or spirits and up to 100cl of perfume. Duty-free shops can be found at Ercan Airport and the ports at Kyrenia and Famagusta.

 Electric Current Voltage
Power is supplied at 240 volts and wall fittings are generally the U.K. three-pin type.

First Aid / Ambulance For all districts Tel: 112
Forest Fires For all districts Tel: 177
Police Nicosia Tel: 228 3311
Police Kyrenia Tel: 815 2014
Police Famagusta Tel: 366 5310
Police Güzelyurt Tel: 714 2140
Police Karpaz Tel: 381 2325

 Medical Services and Hospitals
The Central State Hospitals is in Nicosia and there are other smaller hospitals in Kyrenia, Famagusta, Güzelyurt and Lefke. There are also clinics in smaller towns and some villages.

 Metric Conversion Metric Conversion
The conversion to metric measurements took place some years ago. However it is still possible to talk in terms of inches, miles etc. The traditional Cypriot measurements of "oke" can still be used to buy meat and vegetables. One oke is equal to 1.23 kg.

Due to a narrow pipe system in Cypriot plumbing, many sewerage systems cannot cope with toilet paper being flushed down the toilet, as this may cause blockages. You will find a bin provided next to the toilet, provided for the disposal of toilet paper, which is emptied daily.

The population of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was recorded as being 183,220 in the last census in 1996. 50% of the population live in the cities and 50% in the country side, 99% of the adult population are literate.

 Postal Services
The postal service in Northern Cyprus is reasonably fast and efficient. Please remember that to receive mail from abroad letters must be addressed "Mersin 10-Turkey"

 Public Holidays

1 January - New Year`s Day
23 April - Children`s Day
1 May - Labour Day
19 May - Youth and Sports Day
20 July - Peace and Freedom Day
30 August - Victory Day
29 October - Turkish Republic Day
15 November - Northern Cyprus Republic Day

There are also several religious holidays or "Bayrams" which, like the Christian festival of Easter, change every year.

The code for England is 00 44 followed by the local number but omitting the first number (0). From abroad the code is 00 90 392 followed by the local Cypriot number. Public telephone booths are available and telephone cards can be purchased from the Telecommunications Office.

 Foreign Missions in Northern Cyprus

Australian Representative
Tel: 2277332

French Cultural Assosiation
Tel: 2283328

German Representative
Tel: 2275161

Turkish Embassy
Tel: 2272314
Fax: 2282209

UK Representative
Tel: 2283861
Fax: 2287054

USA Representative
Tel: 2252440
Fax: 2252442

Crime levels are relatively low in Northern Cyprus and police are always willing to assist if you need them.

It is illegal to import narcotics into Northern Cyprus.

 Passports and Visas
A valid passsport is necessary for entering and a visa is granted on entrance to Northern Cyprus. Since 1993 Turkish citizens can visit Northern Cyprus by identity card.